Zen Heaters – Are They Any Good?

One of the newest fads spreading around today is Facebook advertising. And many of the things they advertise seem too good to be true. It is like the 10 x 14 shed for $140.00, complete with flooring, that seems impossible to be true, it sounds like a scam.

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One that caught my eye today was called a Zen Heater – able to heat a normal size room with no problems. The advertisement claims that it is the result of technology developed by scientists for the space station.

As winter approaches my initial concern was some additional heat for my garage. A simple inexpensive heater is always something that is appealing.

But should we think “buyer beware” with this product or should we consider a product that could help heat our house without costing us a fortune in electric bills?

What is a Zen Heater?

According to the manufacturers’ website the Zen heater is the “ultimate personal heating solution for a fraction of the cost”. It is efficient because it allows you to heat just select areas of your home, office or even a garage.

According to its specs this product only uses 350watts of power.

portable plug-in heater

You can plug it into any standard wall socket (110 Volts) and it only consumes a maximum of a little over 3 amps (3.2 Amps). That is not a lot of power usage, it is a little more than a standard blender and about the same as a belt sander for you tool guys.

Of course you can get an electric blanket to generate heat at about 80% less power than the Zen heater but this supposedly heats the whole room, not just you.

The Zen Heater is definitely portable, just plug it into any wall socket, it has its own on/off switch and you can set the temperature yourself. according to the manufacture it can warm up 250 square feet of space, which is a normal size bedroom.

This little heater has its limits so I decided to do a little research of my own.

You can check out this short video on Zen heaters to get a better picture of what they are capable of.

The current cost of a Zen heater is around $70.00 with current discounts.

Why Buy a Zen Heater?

According to the advertising – If you are looking for a portable heater that takes up little space and is easy on the budget you might consider a Zen heater.

But is it the best option, is this so-called new technology worth $70.00?

The Zen heater is unique in its size and design but its heating source is a ceramic heater, found in many other portable heaters on the market today.

How Does a Zen Heater Work?

According to CBSNew.com “Ceramic heaters are some of the newest convection heaters on the market.

These heaters have ceramic plates and aluminum baffles. When electricity passes through the ceramic, it is heated.

The heat is then absorbed by the aluminum and a fan blows the hot air into your room.

ceramic heating element

Ceramic heaters are easily portable and give off a great deal of heat from a small box.

The advantage of the Zen Heaters is that like all electric resistance heaters it is 100% energy efficient in the sense that all the incoming electric energy is converted to heat.

Ceramic heaters like the Zen heater tends to be safer than many other types of heaters. Even though they heat up quickly, their plastic casings stay cool.”

A great use for the Zen heater would be for an area in a small office or room where you need a little extra heat.

Whether the Zen Heater is the right choice for you really depends on your application.

If you just need a supplemental source of heat to help then $70.00 for 350 watts of heating seems to be a fair choice.

I wanted to check this heater out for myself. Unless the Zen heater can somehow take the 350watts of heat and produce more heating effect than any other 350 watt heaters it sounds too small except for a small area supplemental heat source.

I found an similarly designed heater on EBay for almost half the price, so I bought one and tried it out. The best use of it was in either my kitchen or bathroom area which faces the north. Those areas stay cool so this handy little heater did help those areas feel warmer.

Are there Other Ceramic Heaters on the Market to consider?

The answer is yes.
That means that if you are shopping for a personal heater your primary concern is how much heat do you need.

If you are shopping at Walmart or online at Amazon then you’ll find that the average size of an electric space heater made today is from 400 to 1500 watts.

Comparing these to the Zen Heater there are many other ceramic heaters on the market in the under $70.00 range with and some with a much higher heat output.

Something to Think About.

Supplemental heaters come in all shapes and sizes. They do help make your room a little more comfortable so they are a great help in the winter.

But before you buy a Zen Heater or any heater for that matter shop around. Do some research ahead of time to make sure you get the perfect heater for your application.

Always Remember that the one of the biggest causes of house fires is the space heater that is placed to close to flammable materials. So when you choose one for your purposes be sure to follow the manufacturers’ directions and place it in a safe place.

For my use as a supplemental heater for my garage my search will continue beyond the small heater market as no matter who makes them they are just too small for a garage.

I hope this review helped you. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post and if you like this article share it on your social media.


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9 thoughts on “Zen Heaters – Are They Any Good?”

  1. Wow zen Heater!I actually do have alot of cold in my room and my daughter’s  but I had the blanket but what if we have  a visitor so think this zen heater  all actually helps since it helps to warm a whole  room and meanwhile it’s very affordable  to get  I ll be getting mine soon thanks alot for the links shared also for verification. 

  2. Hello Raymond,

     I think the Zen heater you are showing is excellent. The price is very economical, takes up very little space and consumes very little electricity.

     What more could you ask of this small heater. I work in a room and during winter I don’t have a good time. I will check with my lady to see if she needs this type of heater in other rooms of my house. 

    I will save your site. Thank you!

    • Hi Claudio, appreciate you stopping by and commenting.  It is good little heater for those small areas that need just a little more heat.

  3. I hadn’t heard of a zen heater before. I like the idea behind it and it seems very useful. I live in a warm climate, but it can get chilly during winter nights. I found your explanation of the workings of the zen heater very interesting. I never knew how such a thing worked and your explanation made so much sense, it gave me that “ah” moment 😉 

    Which other brands do you recommend besides this zen heater?

    • Hi Christine.  I appreciate your comments, this heater would probably be good in your climate.  There are many brands of heaters available my preferred method of choosing is in reading the comments of those who have purchased a particular heater.  You can usually get a good idea a products capabilities from the reviews.


  4. Hi Ray, thank you for the review about the Zen heater. I never heard of it before and I was so excited about the product. Personally, in my house. I use electric blanquet in bedrooms and electric heaters. That’s the main reason of my high electricity bill during cold weather. May be the Zen heater is good for people who don’t bear heat in general.For example people who have medical condition and sweat during cold weather.

    • Hi Eva, thanks for stopping by and commenting.  Finding ways to economically heat our homes seems hard but when we are willing to do some research there is always some way to solve a problem.

      I appreciate your kind remarks.


  5. Thank you for this review. I love when space heaters are advertised, especially when they are nothing more than a re-shaped ceramic heater with various operating options. I am not sure the word “Zen” is appropriate here with this little heater. If the heater diffused an air freshener or some sort of aromatherapy and/or a soothing sound, the I can see why they would name it “Zen.”

    They probably named it that to attract attention because as you have said, there are other similar small ceramic space heaters for less money that do just as good a job. After watching the video you provided and your review of the Zen Heater, I feel I too will skip this heater for my garage too. If you do find a good economical and energy efficient space heater, please let us know.

    • Hi Robert, I am glad this helped you gain some insight into this product.  I will be doing more on heaters for the garage in the near future.  Thanks again.

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