Tools All Home Owners Should Have

Is there such a thing as a basic list of tools that every homeowner should have? I believe that having a basic set of tools on hand is important for any home owner. It does matter even those who don’t know the first thing about fixing something or if you have never done any kind of work around your house. I believe that there are 6 basic tools that will help any homeowner take care of the minor problems in your home.

1. Screwdriver Set

Why a screwdriver set? It’s simple – you can use a screw driver to tighten the knob on your cabinet or drawer. You can use it to open a can of paint. And of course when your new purchase comes with “some assembly required” that screwdriver set will be vital to assembly.

In most cases a basic set will include a few sizes of Slotted/Straight Slot screwdrivers [sometimes referred to as a Flat Head Screwdriver] and a few sizes of Philips Head/Cross Slot screwdrivers. This basic set will get you through most of the minor struggles you have around the home.

If you are not familiar with the screwdriver types here is a great graphic showing the various types of screwdrivers available.

Graphic of various screwdriver types

Each of these screwdriver types come in various sizes depending on the type of screw you have. For the most part your jobs around the home only require a few basic sizes.

2. Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is indispensable around the home. Closing up that can of paint you just used is simple with a hammer. Adding a picture to the wall calls for a fastener to the wall, the hammer is what you need to put it up and the claw feature will help you pull the nail out when you decide to move your picture.

Claw hammers come in sizes from 8 ounces to 16 ounces. The most common one purchased is the 16 ounce, and it probably is the simplest choice; It is big enough to close up a paint can and not too big to drive in a finish nail or picture hanger.

3. Flashlight

The flashlight has to be the best tool for all around use in the home. I prefer to have a few of them located around the house; that way there is always one available when you need it.

There are unlimited choices when it comes to purchasing a flashlight. You can buy them just about anywhere and can’t check out at the grocery store without seeing a display of special display with flashlights.

Now to be honest I am somewhat of a flashlight collector. Seems like I can’t walk by a display without buying another one that I just have to have. But for your basic needs I would recommend either a good sized battery model or a rechargeable model. Rechargeable flashlights have come a long way and they do save you the trouble of having to keep extra batteries on hand around the house.

Find the one you like and put in a place where you can always find it when you need it. Buy 2 or 3 if you want to have them in different spots around the house for easy access. You’ll never regret having a flashlight.

4. Utility Knife

Now a utility knife is a great tool to have at home. Opening up those packages that you receive from amazon or in the mail is a simple job with a utility knife. Much better than using your kitchen knife and it saves you from messing up a good steak knife. Make sure you get one with a retractable blade and a built in storage for extra blades.

You can use it to take of the paint from a screw that you covered in your recent redecorating project. You can use it to clean out grout in your bathroom fix up project, and even sharpen pencils in a pinch.

A Utility Knife is an amazing multipurpose tool that is worth purchasing.

5. Putty Knife

A Putty Knife is another multipurpose tool that will help around the house. You can use it for its normal use when patching a hole in the wall before painting. You can use it to scrap up gum or other undesirable substance that someone accidently left on the side walk or floor.

It is one of those handy little tools to have in your home.

6. Pliers

Why have a set a pliers? Pliers are used to grip things, to tighten or loosen something, or simply to hold an object in place.

Seems like every time I go out to use the garden hose it is leaking at the faucet. That’s where my channel lock piers comes in handy. “Channellock” is actually a brand of tools. When I ask my wife for a “channel lock” plier I am referring to what the tool industry calls a “Tongue and Groove” plier. Hope I haven’t gotten you totally confused here!

Tongue and groove pliers also known as Channel lock pliers

These pliers are great for all-around gripping and turning projects inside and outside of the house.

Another plier that is great for around the house projects is a Needle Nose Plier. They are great for grasping those small objects that are just out of your reach as well as for those special hobby projects where you need to hold something small in place or pick it up.

Needle Nose Pliers

Basic Tools For The Home Make Sense

There are always some little things around the house that demand our attention. Whether you are a DIY person or amateur having a basic set of tools at your disposal is a great choice.

It doesn’t matter if your fixing something, doing a little home improvement, or working on a hobby project you will be thankful you thought in advance to have a set of tools on hand.

I encourage anyone homeowner or renter to take the time to shop for a basic set of tools to keep around the house.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I encourage you to let me know what you think about this article. If you like share on your social media as well.


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8 thoughts on “Tools All Home Owners Should Have”

  1. Wow what a great topic with home tools. I remember watching Home Improvement as a kid, one of my favorite shows. Also, flipping houses is always something I’ve found interesting, and you can’t flip houses without the right tools. A screwdriver set is for sure number one. This is the bread and butter of any tool kit. Of course a claw hammer and flashlight come next. And rounding it out the pliers, an essential item when we’re talking piping. This is great advice for the basic home tool set, which is probably the most important!

  2. My husband would love to see these very much. He is a handy man and has so many kinds of tools, but it seems he never has enough because he likes to buy tools when he sees them. I also see some nice tool bags you mentioned in the previous article. These would be great next Christmas gifts for my man. 
    Thank you for sharing them.


  3. Hello Ray.

    These tools make amazing sense. My husband and I travel south for the winter and do house sitting in between. It boggles my mind when we want to fix simple little things (for the homeowner), there are no tools handy! We now bring along our own set of screwdrivers (just in case). Except for the putty knife, these are all tools that we have needed at one time or another.  On a funny note, we are house sitting now for a single woman and she has a toolkit with an abundance of tools. I am guessing she learned the hard way.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great advice!!

  4. This was a great article. I totally agree that having the right tools around the house can make life a whole lot easier. I think the tool I use the most is the utility knife. These things always seem to disappear when you need them, which is why there is now a utility knife tied to the end of a string on our garage wall so that no one can take it anywhere else. The putty knife is probably the only tool I have never used, but it does seem fairly handy. How often do you find yourself needing to use the putty knife?

    • Glad you enjoyed it Isaac.  I seem to have several putty knifes because they are so versatile beyond putting on putty.


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