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Do you get aggravated when clutter prevents you from finding what you need when you need it? I do. Clutter will frustrate anything we are trying to accomplish. I hate when I am looking for a specific a tool and cannot find it because it is lost in some cluttered drawer or stored in various places around the house.

We have all probably stored some kind of tools in a kitchen drawer or on top of the appliances in the utility room. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one perfect tool container to store your tools around the house?

Finding the Right Tool Storage Idea for Your Home

Tool storage containers come in many shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect one for your circumstances can sometimes be confusing. Sometimes all you need is something to store a few screwdrivers and maybe a hammer. In this case some space in a kitchen drawer might seem ideal.

The trouble with storing tools in a kitchen drawer is that if your tool need grows that kitchen drawer becomes inadequate or cluttered. Then you start finding other places to store the extra tools. I have been there and it has always just made my job harder.

One of the greatest ideas for tool storage that has come along more recently is a tool bag. This is not a new invention but is an improvement that has provided and ideal solution to storing tools around the house.

What makes a tool bag an ideal solution is that it gets your tools out of the kitchen drawer, off the water heater or shelf in the utility room and gives you one place for all your home repair tools. Everything is stored can be stored in one place and you can carry that tool bag with you as you work around the house.

The Perfect Small Tool Bag – Two possible solutions

There are many different manufacturers of tool bags. Searching through Amazon I choose WORKPRO bags simply because they are highly rated by those who have already purchased them and because I personally liked the quality I saw in their product. I hate cheap products. They aren’t worth the expense of purchasing them even if they are a great price.

  • I like that WORKPRO products are made of a rugged fabric, that means they will stand the test of time.
  • I picked two styles, both have a padded handle and an adjustable carrying strap; two options that makes it easier to carry them around to your work.
  • Both have pockets on the outside and inside that gives you the ability to store the smaller tools; keeping them secure for future use.
  • The ones I chose seem to be the perfect size, not too small and not too big; It makes a difference to me, I don’t want to lug a huge bag around and I sure don’t want one that doesn’t fit enough tools.

My first pick was a WORKPRO 15″ Open top design tool bag. Priced – $27.99 @ Amazon.

I especially like this for around the house work.

If you’re tired of storing you tools or parts in drawers or somewhere around your house or garage this is a great option. I know it is almost $30.00 and that may seem like a lot of money, but consider all the frustration you will save yourself from buy storing your tools in a bag instead of somewhere around the house. Consider that we spend hard earned money on tools and that money goes to waste if we can’t find what we need when we need it. No wonder I have several screwdrivers and pliers stored around the house, when I need them I can’t find them so I go out and buy another one – that’s silly and wasteful.

My second pick was a WORKPRO 16″ – The extra feature on this tool bag is the zipper closure, keeps what’s inside from falling out when your on the move. Price – $18.99 @ Amazon. This would be a great choice if you carried your tools outside or kept them your vehicle and don’t want to worry about things falling out.

In my case I have one tool bag for inside and one for carrying around in my truck. This bag is perfect for the truck. It has a sturdy zipper that will keep whatever is in the inside on the inside no matter where you take it. It is the same WORKPRO quality with a zipper!

Tool Storage Bag – A Perfect Way to Clean Up Your Tool Clutter.

I love the whole “tool bag” idea, they are a perfect solution to keeping track of your tools at home or in your vehicle.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I hope I have helped you find a way to declutter your house. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave the in the comment section and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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