Pocket LED Flashlight – A Must for the DIY Person

I love flashlights. I have them all around the house and shop. A good dependable flashlight is an invaluable tool for all my DIY projects. Light shining

But you don’t have to be a person who is always doing some kind of work to benefit from a flashlight that is ready for use in any circumstance. I don’t know how many times that my wife or I have had to find something that has fallen off a table or under some piece of furniture. A good dependable flashlight is a must for everyone, even if you never use it to do any kind of work yourself.

Technology – Making The Pocket LED Flashlight Ideal

Flashlights have always been an invaluable tool. But until the recent advancements in LED technology flashlights have been rather boring. It seems that other than the occasional changes in outside appearances flashlights haven’t advance very much. That is until LED became a transforming element in the lighting industry including the everyday ordinary flashlight.

LED’s have been around for a long time. But until recently their uses have been limited. I tend to feel their advances have come out of adversity. The power shortages of recent history and the growing demand for more electricity have spurred innovation. LED’s developed in the last few years have become a boom to the lighting industry. They are more efficient and over time have become quite competitive compared to any other lighting option.

Their small size, energy efficiency and high light output has made them the perfect choice for flashlights.

Finding the Right Pocket LED is Today’s Challenge

You can find them everywhere. Searching at Amazon produces 10,000 results. There are tiny ones, some that are defined as “tactical”, there are penlights, and work lights as well as combination pocket lights that let you switch from a flashlight to a miniature work light. You can even find them at the checkout line in the grocery store. We are finding these amazing neat little helpers.

Since there are so many LED flashlights available it can be overwhelming to find the right one for your particular needs. So I wanted to share what I feel are the best options in your search a pocket LED flashlight.

The Best Penlight Pocket LED Flashlight

We probably see the penlight more than we realize. Every time I go to the doctor someone pulls one out of their pocket to check your eyes or ears. Wherever someone is doing some kind of work, there is always someone carrying a pocket penlight to shed light on their work.

If you’re shopping for any little light to carry around in your pocket or purse, or looking for something to store at home for those times when you need a little light you can find them almost anywhere and they rarely cost more than a 16ounce bottle of Coke or Pepsi.

But if you want something that is very bright, well-built, dependable, extremely small, and easy to carry around you might want to consider a step up from the ordinary LED flashlight you pick up at the dollar store or the checkout line at the grocery store.

Realistically you can find a great LED penlight that is built well, small enough to carry in your pocket and gives off a bright light without fail for less than $10.00. If your the type of person that needs one regularly and wants one that stands up to all kind of use even when you occasionally drop it then $10.00 is very reasonable.

But doing a little comparison shopping on Amazon; looking at the top rated models I found an even better deal.  

Enjoydeal sells this ultra slim portable torch flashlight in a package of 5 for  a steal of a deal. That means not only do you get one for yourself but you get 4 more to store at home, work or to give away for special occasions. This LED pocket flashlight delivers a super bright light, and it even waterproof. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries, that is pretty efficient operation since the standard supermarket LED uses 3 AAA batteries and puts out significantly less light.

This has to be the best deal in the market place for a pocket LED Penlight Flashlight.

Best Rechargable Pocket LED Flashlight

Having a rechargeable pocket LED flashlight is trendy and in the long run cost-efficient. There have been many times in the past where I chose a rechargeable item over a standard battery powered unit. Technology today as brought recharging into the 21st century. Instead of buying rechargeable batteries and maintaining a good recharging station many companies have chosen to offer a product that can be charged with USB charger like you cell phone.Rechargeable LED Penlight

Of course having a rechargeable flashlight is costly in the beginning but over time having to buy AAA batteries to keep in stock for when you need them starts adding up. Every time you pick up a 4 pack of batteries it will probably cost you around $5.00 that starts adding up over the years you use something. So rechargeable makes economic sense over the long term.  

Infray has a LED rechargeable Pen Flashlight that is tough, durable, and puts out a super bright light. Plus it is fully zoom able from wide to narrow and has two brightness settings. All this with the ability to recharge it via any USB port. That is pretty convenient and in the long run cost effective.

This Pocket LED flashlight looks like a great deal for anyone looking for a rechargeable flashlight.

Best LED Work light that fits in your Pocket – Magnetic LED Work light

Cat pocket LED Work light.  The difference between the work light and the penlight is that the work light is designed to light up an area where the penlight focuses its light on objects. This is the modern day version of the drop light – one that you can carry with you with no need to find an electrical outlet for power…

The secret to the pocket LED work light is in the light source; these work light use COB LED design which uses a string of LED’s that are controlled by and on board computer chip. It will flood the area you want with bright light enabling you to work on your car, underneath a cabinet or use it for reading at a campsite. 

Cat makes a perfect pocket LED work light for all those chores where you used to use a drop light. It is portable, reliable tool for your vehicle or your shop. There is a built in magnet on the base and a pocket clip so you can mount it where you need and work with your hands free, that is what I call convenient.

Pocket LED Flashlights are Great Additions to your Tools

No matter what your choice is I believe that you will find a great new tool for your home or car in an LED pocket flashlight.

If you have any questions or comments please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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8 thoughts on “Pocket LED Flashlight – A Must for the DIY Person”

  1. Thank you for providing us the best tips in choosing the best flashlight for one’s need. Flashlight should be something that everyone owns, no matter how small in size or sophisticated in features. Technology has made all things easy, all smartphones have flashlight that can conveniently play the role of a flashlight. Thanks for your post.

    have a nice day

  2. I believe that pocket led flashlights that are rechargeable are the best. Because one would not have to worry about getting batteries. All you just havr to do is charge. The need for led flashlights has increased these few years especially the rechargeable ones. And the cost is actually affordable. 

    • Glad to be of help – rechargeable seems to be the most popular choice today.  You pay more up front but see the savings in the long run when you don’t have to keep batteries on hand.

  3. Thanks for this amazing post, the importance of flashlight in our homes can never be underrated. You have given a good review of flashlight above and this shows there has been a drastic improvement of technology on the flashlight, Can you please talk a little about the prices ?Thank you 

    • Glad to be of service Clement.  You gave me a great idea, All of the units I reviewed were priced in the $10.00 or under range except for the rechargeable penlight.  My focus was on which one offered the most benefit for the price.  Will be posting more about pricing in the future.

  4. Dear Raymond thanks so much for the post about LED flashlights.  I am looking for a gift for my Dad who also LOVES flashlights and has about 100 of them but they are all old school and I thought it would be fun to get him a new, rechargeable, LED flashlight and BLOW HIS MIND! I think this would be a great gift but I really don’t have the time or patience to do my own review of all the different flashlights so I appreciate that you have written your thoughts about the light you feel is the best.  I think for my Dad,  the Infray LED rechargeable Pen Flashlight sounds perfect.  Thanks for the recommendations and I will let you know how he liked it!

    • Glad to be of help.  I think he will get a kick out of that flashlight.  I has so many features along with being rechargeable.  

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