Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower – What a Great Product

I was out this past week trimming some branches that hung over my driveway. I have meant to do this but until recently I just keep putting it off. It is not that I didn’t feel like it, it was more about the fact that I knew when I cut those branches down I would have a mess to clean upCleaning up fallen branches.

You probably know the drill, drag all the branches somewhere, cut them up and dispose of them in a landfill or pile them up in a burn pile.

Then the detail work comes – get rid of all the leaves and small branches that cover your lawn and driveway.

Get the Rakes & Leaf blower out and hope for the Best

Hauling off the big branches goes pretty quick, but then you are left with the detail work. Now you can get your rake out and rake up all the left overs but I generally like to do things the easy way. For me the easy way is to get the leaf blower out and blow everything into one pile to be picked up and disposed.

Now here was my challenge – Last year when my gas powered leaf blower bit the dust, I decided to try out a cordless leaf blower. I chose the Greenworks 60V Pro because it seemed to have the best ratings.

I didn’t expect much from a cordless leaf blower, just thought it would be a good choice for small cleanup jobs. Boy was I surprised. This one is rated at 540CFM with a blower speed of 140MPH. I have used it several times and have been consistently impressed with its performance. This one will give you at least 45minutes of uninterrupted use when fully charged.

What is so Great About the Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower?

You can read all the reviews on their products but here is what I really like about them.

First there is the cordless versus gas powered concept. You just have to charge them, you don’t have to worry about having gas, mixing the oil in, the stink of a gas powered blower or the oily mess when working with them. Add to this the whole idea that going green is good for our world.

Second, I am sold on Greenworks Tool products. They are the leader in the battery-powered outdoor power tool products. Battery-powered products is their niche, not just something they added to their line of gas powered products. And they don’t just sell leaf blowers. They have a complete line of products; blowers, chain saws, mowers,

Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower Performance Statistics

First of all Greenworks offers a complete line of leaf blowers based on four different battery paks. Not everyone needs an industrial blower to do the job they need. Greenworks offers a 24Volt, 40Volt, 60Volt and 80Volt model.

Check out the 24 Volt blowerThe Greenworks 24Volt Sweeper generates a 100 mile wind speed (100MPH) at 330CFM. This is pretty good when you need to clean off leaves and debris from a smooth surface like your driveway or porch. Only weighing in at 4.4lbs it is perfect for the lightweight jobs around the house. With a run time of 11 minutes with a charged battery, it would be good as a clean up tool for the porches or sidewalks around the house.

Check out the 40 volt blowerThe Greenworks 40Volt Brushless Blower has a little longer run time (30 minutes) than its little brother. It has a variable speed trigger able to put out air up to 115MPH with a much greater volume; rated at 430CFM and weight in at 6lbs.

The only problem with this blower is that the run time is reduced when you use the higher speed. But it still makes a good choice for the smaller jobs around the house.

The Greenworks Pro 60Volt Brushless Axial Blower with a 540CFM rating. The great part of this big brother is that it has an operating time of 45 minutes. That is impressive for a battery powered tool. And it weighs in at 9lbs. Mind you the gas powered blower I had before this weighed around 17lbs.

As I have said before I am totally impressed with this one in all the time I have used it in the past year.

Check out the 80 volt ProThis is Greenworks top of the line the best product offering in cordless design –

Pro 80Volt 500CFM Cordless Axial Blower. This one pushes out at up to 125MPH; enough to blow through dry/wet leaves and debris, performance that is equivalent to a 32cc gas blower. And this one has an impressive 70-minute run time.

Realistically if you are going to buy a new leaf blower for your yard, consider this model. Not only is this product environmentally friendly consider how easy it is to use, no more buying and mixing fuel, no more sore hands after 30 minutes use of a gas weed eater running at high speeds.

Greenworks Products – More Than Just Leaf Blowers

The more I have used Greenworks products the more I am impressed with all their products. In my case after I used the leaf blower I needed to look at replacing a weed eater. Good news. Greenworks has a weed eater with the same size battery pack as my leaf blower.

Geenworks offers a whole line of products for the home and garden. They have chain saws, power washers, lawn mowers and even a snow blower for those northerners who get a ton of snow.

Greenworks is in the business of providing environmentally friendly options for all your yard and garden work. You can check out all their great products at

Do Yourself and the Environment a Favor

Considering all the times we have to use some kind of power equipment around the house it is about time we consider things that are good for the environment.  I know there are several other lawn and garden equipment manufacturers out there that have started to offer environmental friendly equipment with thier standard gas powered lines.  So there are a lot of options in the market today.

Greenworks products are made specifically for the environment and for the user to get the best product available, do yourself and the environment a favor and choose Greenworks for your next yard equipment purchase.

As always I would love to hear your comments and if you have any questions please let me know.  I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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12 thoughts on “Greenworks Cordless Leaf Blower – What a Great Product”

  1. More and more tools are going the way of cordless and electronic and I have to say I’m liking it. Great write up. No wires, no fuel, just simple battery power that lasts. That’s all I need in a tool I can depend on. I love that there are 4 choices here with regards to the battery pack. The 60 volt looks like a great all around winner. Good run time and solid power. Thanks for the honest review!

    • Glad to help Eric.  If you are going to buy one watch for the sales too.  Right now the pricing on the 80V is less than the 60V because the 80V is Greenworks newest product offering. 

  2. Hi Ray,great article here on these leaf blowers ! I liked the following points you highlighted in your article:

    the difference of 8lbs of weight between the fuel and battery model

    how battery models get away from fuel and oil and the mess as well as times when the fuel models break down due to dirty fuel,blocked carbys etc

    I do wonder though if battery is better for the environment as you still need to charge it and that electricity has got to come from somewhere as well as what happens to the batteries after they have died?Do they become part of landfill somewhere??

    I also agree that leaf blowers can be great for cleaning up but I know from experience the petrol models are noisy as anything.How much noise do the battery models make?

    • These are so quiet it is amazing, you hear the air noise and very little from the motor themselves.  Greenworks offers a two year warranty on their products, the one I have is working on its second year and I haven’t had any issues at all.

      I wouldn’t recommend throwing the dead batteries in the landfill.  Most areas have a battery disposal site where you can take your old batteries to be recycled.

  3. Nice Work. It’s summer here in Australia and you can hear the grass growing along with the rest of the back yard. Having a part time lawn mowing business a blower is an essential part of my equipment. I’ve never heard of the Greenwork products, but obviously they are available through Amazon.

    I will be in the market for a second blower soon as my business expands. I’m interested in comparing these products that I have used before with great success. However I want to use the best equipment so I will watch and look forward to your reviews.


    • Glad to be of help Paul.  Keep me posted on how they work out on your crew.  I like them too because you can get a back-up battery…

  4. It’s nice to see a cordless, gas-less blower that can still match their power. I’ve only ever had experience with gas blowers and was never fond of the smell. If it were me, I’d have to go with the Pro 60 or 80 volt, just so I know I have the runtime I need to get the job done in one shot. I wouldn’t want to have to stop in the middle to do a re-charge. Thanks for opening my eyes to this product!

  5. These are great! No dragging a cord around, they look easy to handle.  The run time is reasonable on all the models.  Unless you have a really big job there is enough time.  The power levels would handle any simple leaf clean-up jobs I would have and checking the pricing, they are quite affordable.

    Thanks for the introduction.

    • Glad that this helped you.  I was impressed how long the batteries lasted on the Pro series, for me 45 minutes to an hour is plenty time to do the weed eating around my house.  When I use to run a gas powered blower I was ready to take a break anyway after an hour…

  6. Hi Raymond,

    Thanks for this review of cordless leaf blowers. I just blew my yard last week and swore I wanted to get rid of the extension cord. The cord gets caught on bushes and things. I like that I never run out of power. But I usually have to stop because I’m hung on something or I’ve wrapped the cord around my light post. So this review is very timely.

    I know you have the Greenworks 60V Pro blower. So, why do you recommend the pro 80 volt model? I’m curious if you would also recommend the one you have. I see the higher volts seem to have longer battery power which seems important. 



    • Hi Kim.  The 60V Pro is an older model.  Greenworks updated their line with the 80V Pro and while you can still get the 60V at the moment they are more expensive than the 80V.  

      There are still some 60V Pro models in the supply system, you might be able to find one at a Lowes store, and they are still selling them online.  Or you could purchase them directly through Greenworks.

      Whether you buy the 60V or 8OV I believe you will be very impressed with their performance.  

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