Cool New Hand Tools – Saving Time

I was searching the web, looking for a Christmas gift for one of my grandsons and I ran across a great new innovation for an adjustable wrench.  This one doubled as a pipe wrench as well as an adjustable wrench.

Working on projects sometimes becomes a problem when you don’t have the tool that you thought you need.  Been there, went into the bathroom to fix a faucet thinking I just needed a pipe wrench only to find out an adjustable wrench would be a better choice.  

Obviously I could carry both on your way to the job, but what if you had one tool that would work equally well as an pipe wrench or as an adjustable wrench?

Channellock Solution – Cool New Tool

Channellock has be well-known for quality wrenches and great innovations.  The same people who have been making quality adjustable wrenches have come up with a great idea – CHANNELLOCK® Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench. 

Channellock Adjustable Pipe Wrench Jaw

I did some research and found out that several retailers offers this great innovation.  You can get these through Home Depot Online, Amazon, and even Ebay.  The going price for an 8″ wrench is $20.16.  I checked them all out the pricing is equal although one Ebay seller could save you almost $0.40 if you buy it through them.  

Is This Cool New Hand Tool Worth It?

Just a quick search on Amazon and you can find several adjustable wrenches available for prices ranging from $8.00 and up.  So why spend $20.00 for this particular cool new tool?

  • First this is just no ordinary adjustable wrench you get two tools in one.
  • Second  if you check out the reviews and read a little more on this wrenches capability you’ll find that this wrench has a larger capacity than a normal adjustable wrench and what I find most intriguing is that it has a measurement scale on the side of the jaw so that you can set it to 1/2″ or 3/4″ or whatever size you think will fit – that is awesome.
  • Add to this that there is both a metric scale on one side and a standard scale on the opposite side of the jaws.
  • Then when you add in the quality of Channellock that has designed a precise tool; the price is well worth it!

A Perfect Gift Choice for Anytime 

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a gift for Christmas or a birthday or just to buy something neat for that special someone this Cool New Hand Tool seems to be a perfect solution.

These are available through several online retailers.  You can check them out for yourselves or save yourself a little time and shop at my favorite; Amazon.  They ship quickly and offer a money back guarantee… 

The price is right.  If you want to spend a little more this innovation is offered in an 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ version.  A complete set would make a perfect choice for any one who loves to works with their hands.

As always I hope this post helped you in some way.  Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion and I will answer as soon as I am able.

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19 thoughts on “Cool New Hand Tools – Saving Time”

  1. I’ve had a few of these adjustable wrenches and they are a really useful tool.

    You have to be careful as buying a cheap on may well be a disadvantage. I found the cheaper ones tended to lock as you twisted the screw around. 

    I wouldn’t pay less than $10 as you get what you pay for, so therefore the cool new hand tool is worth the price.

  2. Hey, thanks for the introduction of this amazing tool. I work a lot with adjustable wrenches but this one I have not seen so far.

    The brand is trust-able I know that because I use other products they sell. The idea of a adjustable pipe wrench is intruding.

    The price of $20 is not too high, I like my tools to be of high quality and know that quality has it’s price.

    • Hi Stefan.  I happened on this design by chance and it captured my attention.  I don’t think this design has been out for very long, but it has to be a great addition to their tool line.

  3. Glad I saw this article before buying my dad’s Christmas present. I think he will like this for his tool box. I am always looking for multi-use tools for him to make his tool bag lighter to carry, I think this will be one of those tools he would like. Do you know if it is very durable?

    • Glad to be of help Dana.  I have used Channellock tools for a long time and I expect nothing but the best for all of their products.  Everything I have read and all the videos available have nothing but positive comments on this particular product…  Waiting for mine to come in but I look forward to having it as part of my toolbox.

  4. So this wrench is larger then the regular ones? Does that mean that I do not have to put up with so many sizes wrenches anymore!! Thank god that I came across your review. I get it that it is expensive but I need to keep my sanity. You see when things get clutter, especially my husband tools, they are everywhere!! I am dealing with a mess here. I see so many tools of the same thing but different sizes. It will probably cost about the same as having this one. Thanks for making my life easier.

    • Glad to be of help.  The thing is that the jaws open a lot wider on this design.  The jaws on the 10″ wrench opens up to 1 – 9/16″ usually I would have to go up to a 12″ wrench for the jaws to open up that wide.  The expense is not really that bad considering the quality and the fact that you have a dual purpose wrench.  

  5. I like this wrench a lot.  I have a regular pipe wrench but I am not too fond of them. 

    The measuring scale on the side is something good.  Channellock is a good name for wrenches and I might already have one I bought a while ago.  Can’t remember.

    I hope it has a good grip and won’t slide too much on a pipe though.

    • I have several Channellock tools, they are great tools.  The grooves on the pipe wrench could be a little deeper but they seem to do the trick.  Glad to be of help to you.

  6. What an awesome tool! I’m not the handy one in the family — that would be my hubby — and he is always struggling to find the right wrench…or to get the right wrench set properly. The fact that the Channellock Reversible Jaw Adjustable Wrench is two tools in one is great enough, but the fact that it has easy-to-read measurements on the side seals the deal. Even for the person who has a garage or workshop full of tools, I can see this being a go-to option for so many household repairs or other DIY projects. Seems like the perfect stocking stuffer to me! Thanks so much for your review, Ray.

  7. Hi Ray,this is really a cool and useful tool. I think that it can be a great gift. Who doesn’t need this? It is nice to have such a tool in the house.I read your about section, and I like that you are a do-it-yourself person. I personally like reparing and building stuff by myself. I used to repare everything that I could when I was a kid. It is a nice feeling when you learn to do something new and when you fix stuff that usually people call repairman for. Of course, I can’t repair everything by myself, but I like challenges and always try to fix it alone. :)I think your grandson will be pleased,Best wishes,Susan

  8. Hi Mr Raymond

    I wonder if the product is really durable? Because I was buying similar products from China for $ 16. 1 month later, it broke down. so I had to disrupt my work. In the meantime, the content of the subject could be a little more explanatory and some more pictures could be added.

    • Hi Ali.  I try not to buy the cheaper products, like you say they break or the jaws get too loose to work…  This one is made to Channellock specifications in Spain and comes with their guarantee.  

  9. This is a great gift idea, especially for a guy that’s hard to buy for. What I especially like is the versatility in using it in different ways. I don’t know how many times we have been looking for a tool, not remembering if we put it in the shed, the closet, the garage, or the kitchen. At least having two tools in one would help. Which makes me think of something else — if you ever come across a small handy toolbox that could be kept in a very accessible place (like under the kitchen sink or in a hallway closet) without taking up too much space, that would be really helpful, too!

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