Best Metal Drill Bit Set – Great Christmas Idea

Best Metal Drill Bit Set – Great Christmas Idea

Everyone who loves to work with their hands needs a great drill bit set, Here is one that you can count on as the “best metal drill bit set.”

We all have struggled with finding the right drill bit for our project. My own tool cabinet is literally filled with drill bits that seem to be dull. Sometimes I have to struggle with those metal drill bit holders that never seem to work right or you end up spilling out some drills to get the one you want.

CRE-Line Bit BarrelHere is what I consider the best metal drill set, it is made by CRE-Line.

CLE-LINE Bit Barrel – 29 Piece Drill Heavy Duty Drill Bit Set

  • High Speed Steel Jobber Length Drill set, Black and Gold Finish, 1/16″ – 1/2″ Size.
  • Product Dimensions 8.7″ x 4.4″ x 4.4″
  • HI Quality Twist Bit
  • Hi Speed steel drill bit
  • Round Plastic Barrel-like Container for easy storage and access.
  • Best Source – Amazon

What Makes This Drill Bit Set So Special?CRE-Line Bit Barrel

The packaging – a durable plastic barrel with a twist-lock top. No need to worry about the bits falling out when the case is accidently dropped or tipped over. No need to flip through several layers of large bits to get to the one you need in the back. This design concept is just great, the bits are all there where you can see the sizes and select the one you need. I think this is great.

And if you need to carry your bit set to your work site there is a clip on the side to hook it to your belt loop or tool bag. It is quite ingenious.

What about the bits – these are no cheap drill bits that wear down after using them a couple times CRE-Line bits are manufactured by Greenfield Industries who have been an established leader in the cutting tool business offering top quality products since 1874.

These drill bits are top of the line jobber-length bits that will give you performance you can count on.

A High-Quality Tool Bit Set is Indispensable for The Garage/Shop.

I always hate it when I look through my drill bits and find the size I need only to find out when I use it that it is dull. It is just not worth buying a cheap product. Why not buy something that is going to last you a while.

I have used them on thick steel and stainless steel and they make me feel like a pro, they drill right through like your going through hot butter. If you want a set like the pros use then this is it. I use a set like this at work and they have become one of my best investments.

The easy organized packaging alone make this set so simple to work with and it is small enough to fit in your tool box.

A Great Idea For Christmas Or For a Special Person In Your Life.

Here is a great product manufactured by the world’s largest manufacturer of twist drills that fits your need for professional tools at home or in business.

I encourage you to check it out for yourself. Of course a great benefit that comes with purchasing this through Amazon is their product guarantee, what a great point when considering making a purchase for your needs.

As always if you have any questions about my experience with this product just send me a comment and I will get back with you as soon as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Best Metal Drill Bit Set – Great Christmas Idea”

  1. At home, i do not do the drills, my dad does but I don’t think he has a set like this and I am very sure that he will be very happy to get one of these  drill bit sets. They are well arranged. The bucket looks like one for an ice cream though. Lol. I will make sure I show this to him. He might be interested in it. Is there any warranty on the product?

    • Hi John, appreciate your stopping by and commenting.  Will have to check on the warranty, they are manufactured by Greenfield which has always made top of the line products.  

  2. This is a very good equipment that  feel like everyone shold get a hold of here. It is not a good ting or one to need a size of a drill and keep looking aroun. With this set, everything can be found in one place and drilling can be made easier. I would like to know how durable this set is bev=cause I used to hear that some drills snap sometimes.

    • Hi John, these drills have been really dependable since I started using them. In my case I use a set at work and I haven’t had a problem with them at all.  Thank you for stopping by and I appreciate your comments.

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